cambio en Allemand

n. tausch, austausch, eintausch, vertauschung, umtausch, umstellung, verlagerung, umlegung, änderung, abänderung, veränderung, umänderung, wandel, wandlung, verwandlung, umwandlung, wendung, wende, neuerung, erneuerung, abwechslung, auswechslung, wechsel


Varela collected 38 percent of the ballots, with a lead of seven points over José Domingo Arias, of the Cambio Democrático party, and a twelve points margin over Juan Carlos Navarro, from Partido Revolucionario Democrático.
(Voice of America)
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The PSOE also realigned the party along more moderate lines, renounced Marxist policies, and led a comprehensive reform program, El Cambio (the change).
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Miraculously the nave area of the transept was not burnt down thus preserving Arnolfo di Cambios ciborium and a few of the mosaics.
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