large en Flamand

1. (grandeur) breed; wijd
2. (mesures - poids) breed; wijd
3. (mesures - poids) breedte (f); wijdte (f); spanne (m/f) 4. (nautique) open zee (m/f)
noun: a garment size for a large person
adjective: above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent Example:A large city.
adjective: fairly large or important in effect; influential Example:Played a large role in the negotiations.
adjective: having broad power and range and scope Example:Taking the large view.
adjective: conspicuous in position or importance Example:He's very large in financial circles.
adjective: generous and understanding and tolerant Example:A large and gen
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Liées traductions
large ceinture (vêtements - homme) cummerbund (m); sjerp (m)
large d'épaules (général) breedgeschouderd
large route à paysage aménagé (circulation) brede rijweg met mooi aangelegd landschap
large route touristique (circulation) brede rijweg met mooi aangelegd landschap
largement 1. (quantité) overvloedig; rijkelijk
largement suffisant (quantité) ruimschoots voldoende; meer dan voldoende; meer dan genoeg
larges connaissances (connaissance) brede interesses (fp)
largesse (conduite) vrijgevigheid (f); gulhartigheid (f); gulheid (f)
largeur 1. (tissus) baan (m/f)
largeur d'esprit (caractère) ruimdenkendheid (f); onbekrompenheid (f)